Stu Jenks

Stu Jenks Head ShotBorn a son of Virginia, Stu Jenks has lived and worked in the Tucson,  Arizona area for thirty years. Having first made his name as a  nocturnal photographer, Jenks now makes photographs at night and  writes stories in the daylight hours. Jenks started his own publishing   company, Fezziwig Press, in 2010, where Jenks sells fine art books,  novels, museum quality prints and atmospheric music. (You can also  find his music and books on the iPad, the Kindle, iTunes, the Nook and   other digital platforms.)  Jenks appears obsessed with spirals, hula hoops, Christmas lights, Angel/ghosts, inflatable Bozos, and Zippo  lighters, and nothing seems to have helped. He tends to hear voices,  though they never tell him to do anything bad. Jenks laughs at  inappropriate times, and cries joyously almost as often. Stu will  gladly give you a hug.