Kathleen Dreier

04/01/13 Portraits“My intention is to authentically and with integrity, visually capture worldwide, the entire story of one’s life experiences and/or community events that define who we are.” ~Kathleen Dreier

Kathleen Dreier is a high energy private and community event photographer with a photo-journalistic style who excels at naturally capturing the whole story of once in a lifetime events.

Accessible, friendly, respectful, playful, detail-oriented, & adaptable to ever-changing situations, Kathleen can comprehensively photograph any conceivable happening. Given her ability & sensitivity to seamlessly blend into any environment she is photographing, Kathleen has been called a “stealth photographer.” As a long-time professional social worker, Kathleen has utilized those skills to interact with & support her photographic subjects. Kathleen is a member of the National Press Photographers Association, a DART Society inductee, and a Getty Images freelance photographer.