Emily Ann Jones

Emily Ann JonesI once had someone tell me that I am an evocative photographer. To me, I have simply photographed what allures me. On occasion I shoot with great intention, but usually I feel as though when I catch a candid image that is particularly powerful, it is simply blind luck unfolding through a series of random moments. After digesting that person’s comment I began to reassess myself and my purpose as an artist. I seek out a certain elegance I find in the moment- or perhaps an oddity seen in a regular place. There is grace all around us, even in the carcass of a dead bird. I want to capture the grit and the beauty that I see in this world, but more than anything I want to share knowledge. Be it the native vegetation of the Sonoran Desert, displayed in elaborate headdresses or the haunting depth to a procession focused on celebrating death. Oh, and if you are interested in my past, here is a quick list of accomplishments: I graduated from the U of A in Journalism, studied in Orvieto, Italy for travel photojournalism, have been published in several local and national publications, and have worked with refugees from all over the world as an Americorps member. In 2011 I won the 5th annual All Souls Procession Photo Competition and am am now focused solely on my freelance photography career. 

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