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The gorgeous 2015 All Souls Procession calendar has arrived. Featuring the wonderful photography of the All Souls Media Circle.
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It’s A Mystery – Photography of the 2012 All Souls’ Procession of Tucson, Arizona (Kindle Edition)
$7.99 – All proceeds benefit Many Mouths One Stomach
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Many of us in America seem to believe we will never die. If we eat right, exercise and think good thoughts, we’ll live forever, and if not that, we’ll all die in our sleep, having been perfectly healthy the night before at the ripe old age of 107.   But we all know that’s not true.
Death is really many things: The end of long suffering and illness; a sudden death due to accident, violence or overdose; a child dying far too soon; a peaceful transition from one life to the next; a quiet entering into the void; a life everlasting; or simply a great big dirt nap.

 Any, all, or none of the above.

It’s a mystery.
But one thing is not mysterious.
We will all die, every single one of us, and after we have died, friends, family, and loved ones will remember us, and most will miss our presence.
Tucson’s All Souls’ Procession Weekend is a remembrance of those who have died and a celebration of the mysteries that surround death. The weekend begins with an afternoon for children, The Procession Of The Little Angels on Saturday, but it’s Sunday’s All Souls’ Procession And Finale that leaves people stunned and awake, crying and smiling, somber and laughing, fearful and full of faith.
Any, all, or none of the above.
It’s a mystery.
Stu Jenks, Editor of It’s A Mystery. Tucson, Arizona Spring, 2013.
Many Mouths One Stomach presents The 24th Annual All Souls’ Procession Weekend, November 1-3, 2013.  The All Souls’ Procession is an independently-produced, hyper-inclusive, non-motorized, participant-based procession and ceremony, to honor the memory of those who have passed.  The series of All Souls’ Procession Weekend events culminates in the Procession and Grand Finale on Sunday November 3 and are preceded by community workshops and citywide art events. What started out as an intimate personal expression is now a vehicle for release, integration, grief and loss for tens of thousands of participants. This is not a stand-by-and-watch parade. You are invited to come walk with us.