2013 Photo Competition

Thank you to everyone who entered the juried competition. The submission period is over. Winners will be announced soon!



The All Souls Photography Competition 2013 seeks work that not only interprets the Procession and the myriad of creatives who bring life to the event, but also images that evoke the deeper, more nuanced aspects of death. Broad, “outside the box” interpretations of passing, transformation, renewal and rebirth are heartily encouraged. Past and recent images of the All Souls Procession are welcomed. Equally, ANY personal imagery exploring the issues and metaphors related to death/dying/rebirth are encouraged.


“Death is … a travelling asunder into elemental chaos. And from the elemental chaos all is cast forth again into creation. Therefore death also is but a cul-de-sac, a melting-pot.”

~D. H. LAWRENCE, “Love”


1st place

Media Pass to the All Souls Procession, a free sensor cleaning gifted by Tucson Camera, a 3 dimensional photo box gifted by

PW_color_20x copy

 2nd place:  Media Pass to the All Souls Procession, a free sensor cleaning gifted by Tucson Camera.

3rd place:  Media Pass to the All Souls Procession, a free sensor cleaning gifted by Tucson Camera.


Honorable Mention:  Media Pass to the All Souls Procession

In addition to the 4 position awards, 16 additional images will be selected by our juror to be hung in a 2-month show at Delectables. Submit Your Entry


Submit work up to September 2nd.  Our judge will be Mary Virginia Swanson. Winners will be notified the week of September 9th.

Twenty images will be selected to be hung on the walls of Delectables and all of the remaining images will be shown in a slideshow.  Your work will be available for sale if you wish whether it is one of the finalists or in the slideshow.




September 2, 2013 Online Deadline To Submit Images
September 2-9, 2013 Judging by Mary Virginia Swanson.
September 9, 2013 Winners to be notified. You will then have about 3 weeks to get your work printed and ready for hanging. Any selected image must be ready to hang by September 27, 2013
September 27, 2013 Prints must be ready to hang.  Time and Location To Be Announced.
October 3, 2013 Hang show at Delectables.
October 5, 2013 Saturday Opening Night at Delectables from 6-10 p.m.
November 8, 2013 Friday, Best of Show at Delectables from 6-9 p.m.
December 5, 2013 Friday, Wrap-up party.  Pick up your work.







  Submit Your Entry




  • Image Type:   JPEG ONLY!
  • Size:  1920 pixels on the long end at 72 DPI
  • How Many Images Can You Submit:  Up to 4 images.
  • Cost:  ONLY $20!

Your Submission Fee is a fundraiser for MMOS!

If you choose to sell your images at the photo show (completely optional), 70% of the proceeds will go to the artists, 20% to MMOS, 10% to the venue. However, Delectables has graciously agreed to donate all of their proceeds directly to MMOS. If you wish to donate a portion of your proceeds to MMOS, that would be awesome and optional!

Identify EACH of your images with your name and your image number. ( I.E., JANESMITH1.JPG, JANESMITH2.JPG).

The exhibition volunteer will forward all of the submitted work to the juror  (Mary Virginia Swanson) with your name omitted to allow for complete anonymous and objective judging.


Questions, call staff, Kathleen Dreier:  (520) 245-6711 or email: kathleen@esens.com

 Submit Your Entry